Beloit Domestic Violence Photography Project

The purpose of this project is to bring awareness to the problem of domestic violence in Beloit, Wisconsin. Often times, people are willing to say that domestic violence occurs, but are not comfortable enough to acknowledge that it is happening in their community, neighborhood, or right next door. Many people think the everyday life of someone experiencing domestic violence is vastly different from theirs, but the truth is, it isn’t.

I partnered with the Beloit Domestic Violence Survivors Center to photograph items from families who have experienced abuse. Some of the items are personal items from families who have been helped by the shelter and others are items provided by BDVSC to all program participants. I also photographed the shelter itself and a binder full of handprints from children describing what their hands should be used for. 

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Hangers awaiting a new owner. September 2017.

Past and future. April 2017.

Swings at the shelter. October 2017.

Little blue table. October 2017.

Bread, butter and a locked cabinet. October 2017.

Paws. September 2017.

Friends. April 2017.

Shelter pantry. October 2017.

Spiderman. April 2017.

Fire helmet. April 2017.

Basketball hoop. October 2017.

Toy truck. March 2017.

Toy elephant. March 2017.

Police car and SpongeBob. September 2017.

Flag. September 2017.

What are hands for? Part 1. April 2017.

What are hands for? Part 2. April 2017.

What are hands for? Part 3. April 2017.

Toys outside of the shelter. October 2017.